Me vs. myself

Every situation in life is neutral and balanced until I put my ego in the equation . In the last few years I have really taken a different look at what my ego is and what it is made up of. When we are born our minds are like computers with no software to run a program. Where we live, our surroundings, and circumstances make up a very big part of who I am…,basic survival instincts.  If I lived in a different part of the world I would probably think and believe something totally different. It was only by chance that I was born in this country so it”s only by chance that I am who I am…..Very Odd ! My belief system has changed dramatically over the last 10- 15 years from being very racist and sexist to understanding that everyone has a place here on this earth just like me and just because people do things differently than me doesn’t make them wrong. So here I am looking back on what my parents taught me and what their parents taught them and so on. I look at how things have changed in my life time and come to realize that what I was taught when I was young has no place in today”s society . It”s like everyday that I wake up, I try to forget what was ok yesterday and make up new rules as I go along today. Maybe this is confusing to some but in essence ,Maybe the key here is try and be open minded. Things change so fast today, and sometimes it”s hard to keep up! I have found that people have a hard time letting go of the past,it”s like dragging a dead horse, literally !



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